John Sollitto is a comics and fiction writer based out of California. His works include “Veritas”, “Certifiable Investigations”, and the short story anthology “The Ones Who Remain.”

You can find him on Twitter at @JohnSollitto
Deivis Domingues is an artist born and raised in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil. He has worked for many publications, including Zenescope.

You can find his work on Instagram here, and on DeviantArt.

Valerie St. Gelais is an artist from Ontario, Canada and is the colorist for Veritas. She has worked on such titles as “More Than Men”, “Time Nomad”, “Wish”, and “Jagged”. She’s also a 3D props and environment artist.

You can find her on Twitter @QuireInk
Nyleshia Davis is our color flatter for Veritas. She’s worked on “Doctor Strange”, “Crowded”, “Emperor Hulkling”, and “King in Black: Namor”. She’s currently learning to be a colorist.

You can find her on Twitter @fanaticreations
“Veritas” updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday here on the website. If you’d like to know more, or interact with us, find us on Twitter at @VeritasComic!